Client: Garissa County

Partners: AHADI – USAID

Year: 2018

The fiscal strategy paper is published in accordance with section 117 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 and which requires the County Treasury to prepare the CFSP. 

We worked with Garissa County to develop a CFSP charting out a path for transforming Garissa County into a positive economic force by demonstrating excellence in promoting improved access to service, resources and opportunities for every resident of the county. 

This CFSP detailed five Key Priority Areas to enhance service delivery to the people of Garissa County: improving access to water and sanitation services; provision of accessible and quality healthcare services; investment in agricultural transformation and food security; investment in transport and infrastructure development; and creation of a conducive business environment. This work also included capacity building and training, as well as intensive negotiation on budget ceilings between sectors.