Author: Denis Muthuri

28 Oct, 2020

Systems are a large part of the problem over budget implementation

Seven years ago, Kenyans had all reasons to be expectant when the 47 devolved governments were ushered in through the 2010 Constitution. This devolution created an era identified by ambitious pledges to bridge the development gap between the well-off and the poor areas. To support these inclusive development campaigns, well-timed resource mobilization strategies were set up to raise resources for the effective delivery of devolution. Over the years, budget implementation reports by the Office of […]

11 Aug, 2020

Taming the rising county wage bill

County Governments are facing rapidly declining own source revenue and stagnated Equitable Share. This calls for the need to reorient county expenditure strategies in order to facilitate the response to crucial spending needs, most especially over the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, counties over the years have been experiencing large increases in their wage bill. Year on year, the Office of the Controller of Budget (OCoB) notes with increasing alarm, an ever-rising county personnel […]

28 Mar, 2020

Funding calamities: County Government supplementary budget over emergency funds

In the past years, Kenya has experienced several destructive natural disasters. In 2019 alone, furious landslides and flash floods killed 132 people in West Pokot; perennial droughts across 12 counties left over to one million people without food; locusts then invaded 17 counties ravaging Kenya’s bread basket, and then entered the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) which has now slowed the economy to a grinding halt. This leads us to one burning question: how do County Governments prepare […]

24 Mar, 2020

Who should settle the outstanding pending bills – Nairobi City County or Nairobi Metropolitan Services?

In our article published in the Business Daily ”Transfer of functions from Nairobi City County fiscal implications”,we captured 3 of the most significant insights into the unchecked fiscal gap following the startling transfer of key functions from Nairobi City County (NCC), to the National Government – Ministry of Devolution and ASAL. EGCL held that the Ministry of Devolution and ASAL should let the county government independently settle the outstanding verified and eligible pending bills until the […]

30 Jan, 2020

The Kenyan hunger games

2019/2020 was a rough year for County Governments because of the prolonged stalemate between the National Treasury and the Senate over how much the counties should get from the equitable share. The stalemate took until almost the second quarter of the year to resolve, and by then it had wreaked havoc for the counties. There is a Swahili saying that goes  “When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers”.   The first victims of this […]