As we work towards assisting our clients to streamline their processes and projects for optimal performance and enhance accountability and transparency, we provide sector-specific services as illustrated below.


Advisory support for governance and public finance agencies including

  • Own source revenue enhancement
  • Fiscal decentralization
  • Public finance management including budgeting, financial reporting, IFMIS, audit, procurement, asset management and Evaluation
  • Debt management

Development partners

Development of county partnership frameworks including

  • Mapping of projects amongst development partners
  • Coordination of programmes amongst development partners
  • Programme development
  • Research, data collection, analysis and report writing
  • Capacity building and training

Private sector

Strategic engagements and facilitation including

  • Synthesis of work programmes with government/development partner programmes
  • Trainings on government/development partner frameworks
  • Representing private sector in government planning
  • Consultation and engagement on tax and revenue collection
  • Enhancing citizen engagement practices