EGCL Instutite

EGCL Institute is a non-profit think tank focused on developing cutting edge, innovative and relevant research, tools and frameworks on how to improve public finance management in Africa.

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Our Vision

Stakeholders who can make informed decisions derived from facts and evidence.

Our Mission

To identify core challenges and gaps in public finance and public sector strategy and develop ideas and recommendations to address them.

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Our Values

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Our Work

Public Finance Data Portal

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To provide data and visualizations on public finance trends for use by different stakeholders

Public Finance Management Courses

To provide training courses for public finance management professionals

Africa PFM Community of Practice

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Bringing together all PFM specialists in Africa to commune and engage around public finance

Knowledge Dissemination

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-Policy Briefs

To provide just-in-time research and analysis to address today’s challenges in public finance in Africa


Bringing experts together to discuss pertinent public finance management challenges and opportunities

-Online Forums

To provide a space for open, honest and respectful discourse on public finance management.