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Year: 2012 – 2015

Client: Department for International Development (DfiD) Kenya

Project Review of the Kenya Accountable Devolution Programme (KADP)

DFID Kenya’s funded the World Bank’s KADP to the tune of £4.36m, to support the provision of technical assistance for the transition to the devolved government of Kenya.
KADP has provided significant technical advice to the Government of Kenya (GoK), at both national and county levels, including analysis of financial systems, macroeconomic risks of devolution, taxation legislation and participatory budgeting. Broadly the advice provided by KADP has been well received by the GoK, although not all have been taken on-board due to political considerations and changing GoK priorities.
This project undertook a thorough, in-depth review of the implementation of the KADP including interviewing stakeholders, reviewing performance indicators and interrogating the outcomes of activities. The comprehensive report was used to support the case for continued financing of the KADP.