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Expertise Global COnsulting LTD
Expertise Global Consulting Ltd is a public finance management advisory services firm focused on improving public service delivery. We do this by researching, analyzing, and disseminating information, and using the insight to advise our clients.
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Our Services and Clients
As we work towards assisting our clients streamline thier processes and projects for optimal performance and enhance accountability and transparency, we provide sector-specific services.
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Management and Staff
The management and staff at our company have diverse skills and experiences which integrate to offer our clients the best possible services.
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Our work and engagement
We have worked with various national and local governments, agencies, and development partners on fiscal decentralization, public finance management and own source revenue projects and programmes. We have worked in Kenya, Senegal, Swaziland, Switzerland, Nigeria, and Tanzania and continue to grow our global client network.
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Our Company
Core Business
EGCL is a public finance management advisory firm that develops fit for purpose, fit for context solutions, that create enabling environment for taxpayers and their dependents
Value Proposition
We offer PFM solutions to development partners and governments by providing well researched and analysed recommendations so that governments can improve revenue collection and budget allocation and meet their citizens demands.
Governments that make public finance management decisions that create enabling environments for its citizens
Assessement of Own Source Revenue Potential
Analyse and synthesise information to develop public finance management recommendations and support their implementation

Regional/country presence

Clients Served

Projects implemented

Our Clients

What We Do

PFM Consulting

Expertise Global Consulting Ltd is public finance management firm that prides itself in develops fit-for context and fit-for-purpose solutions for its clients. The firm does this by researching, analyzing, and disseminating data and information, and using this as a basis to advise our clients. Our clients include governments, non-governmental organizations, development partners, the private sector, and the public at large.

Capacity Building

Expertise Global Consulting Ltd strengthens public finance management with an aim of increasing public awareness, accountability and promoting best practices in public finance professionals. As part of its NGO branch, the EGCL offers capacity development to public finance professionals through courses and a community of practice.

Thought Leadership

Expertise Global Consulting Ltd create and disseminate knowledge, based on our own internal research and analysis, that can enhance the ability of clients and the public to actively engage in the provision of public services

Our Projects